This party sucks

Earlier I took a pic of Kat and I at Redrum. I know what people think when they see such pics… im out partying. I usually dont bother to correct. Fuck you if you cant take a joke. I dont care what anyone thinks. God’s judgement and nagging bother me more than you ever could.

Other than the night I mysteriously lost a wagon wheel though I dont party. Im anti-social. Dont get me wrong I love people – just not socializing with them. What im really doing tonight: checked on a couple people and made tacos at ZZs for the people who inevitably missed the one meal a day. Talked to Ruby’s dad and tried to figure out how to help her (failed). Got him food for her dog which he has. Talked to a veteran who used to be close to his mom but his addiction has caused a rift, he says he tries to be happy but it just never works. And looped the neighborhood a dozen times trying to find Pebblez before anyone else did because she attacked someone on their way to the bathroom and has been disarmed twice today. Because I fear what she’ll do, what may be done to her, and the consequences of both.

I love both these girls, they’re funny and loving and so mentally ill their life is a torment. Ill stay til Redrum is closed and most are safe in bed.

You see addicts and lunatics but I see world changers who cant see their own power. I dont know how to save them but ill die trying.

So ya, at the bar. Party on.

Not really a silver spoon more rusty shovel

Confession: I sometimes send my mom money requests on paypal. Not because I think she’ll respond – I know that woman won’t lift a finger to help me…I just like to irritate her.

So to any stalking relatives – send $10 so I can buy the dog some food.


Im ready to be a sellout already…

If you only know me online you may not know im always drawing or painting. I carry around about 100 unfinished paintings. This is what got done this week. I sell some to tourist and trade some but mostly I dont know what to do with them.

Befriending all the rocks

This may be getting a little out of hand. Im not sticking frawgs all over the slabs that would be weird.

If I was though the slogs…flabs…? just have this message for the world: – beware the curse of the angry pickle.

And they like pie. Clearly.

Maybe you should try sticking it up your ass…

I posted on facebook “my kingdom for a mountain dew.” and a few minutes later someone at Handlebar asked if I wanted to boof it.

Ummmm…no… that is not how you should do the dew.

In general you can just assume I never need to be drunk so bad I should stick it in my butt.

Joe Nutty says thats a mountain dont.

Kids these days.

Honor Amongst Thieves

“Chris you need to stop leaving food out on the porch people just steal it. You’re too trusting.”

“Thats why I leave it. I try to give them the food and they dont want it.”

“But they’ll steal it. Hahahaha of course.”

“Why was Randy here?”

“Yes he’s never stolen from me though he gave me a hug and I gave him soup. Why are you bringing in the cooler then?”

Someone stole the thing of creamed corn he brought home from work. That was the food item he couldnt hang with losing.

Well ok then.

Please Advise

Working on my resume cuz im broke and hungry. Kinda iffy, cuz ive got brain damage and the crazy. Im just gonna lie, thats still how its done in corporate america right?


Im just sitting in the trailer in the dark crying where I expect ill remain for at least a couple days. I tried but I cant do it. I miss my son too much. Im sure he’s better off without me, I cant give him all that they can, but ill never be happy without him. I love you all but I hate Christmas. Sorry.

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